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Valentine 2018

In Love - Vase
Limited Edition

In Love 200/5 Vase


The Senior Designer at Moorcroft has always been strongly attached to spring flowers and high on the..

Loves Omen - Vase
Numbered Edition

Loves Omen 393/7 Vase


According to the ancient art of ornithomancy, a lady can turn to birdwatching on St. Valentine’s Day..

Loved Up - Tray

Loved Up 780/4 Tray


A sweet design which sees innocent swirls of tubelined calligraphy to spell out the word ‘love’ with..

Moorcroft Rose - Watercolour

Moorcroft Rose 780/4 Watercolour


To have a rose named after you is a wonderful achievement, and Moorcroft were very proud when in 201..

Venus - Watercolour

Venus 780/4 Watercolour


An unseen as yet design, inspired by the goddess Venus. The scallop shells and stylised flowers are ..

Geranium Hearts - Watercolour

Geranium Hearts 780/4 Watercolour


Upon studying the pretty lilac geraniums that grow in abundance in Emma’s hometown on the edge of th..


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