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Unseen masters

After a new design has gone through a rigorous trialling process, the Art Director and designer will agree on the final piece.  This piece will be the 'master'.  It will be photographed and feature in our catalogues and on line.  It will then be passed to the decorating department who will work from it while completing the edition.

Only one of each piece is available, as each is the design master.

Master Wild Gladioli - Lamp and Shade

Master Wild Gladioli L159/18 Lamp and Shade


The great landscape of the Cevennes National Park in the South of France inspired Nicola, to create ..

Master Mackay - Lamp and Shade

Master Mackay L46/12 Lamp and Shade


Overlooking Lake Windermere, Blackwell House is a Grade I listed building and a masterpiece of artis..

Master Wayside Rambler - Mirror

Master Wayside Rambler Mirror Mirror


Typical of Rachel’s dreamy and romantic floral work, Wayside Rambler offers a vision of the last blo..

Master Wynnie Winter - Plaque

Master Wynnie Winter PLQ19 Plaque



Master Ava Autumn - Plaque

Master Ava Autumn PLQ19 Plaque



Master Sybil Summer - Plaque

Master Sybil Summer PLQ19 Plaque



Master Sorcha Spring - Plaque

Master Sorcha Spring PLQ19 Plaque


Four framed plaques featuring fairies in different seasons have been designed by Nicola Slaney.  So..

Master Horn Dance - Vase

Master Horn Dance 93/10 Vase


Few of those who have been privileged to watch and listen to the Horn Dance in Thaxted, will never f..

Master March Morning - Vase

Master March Morning 265/7 Vase


A floral bouquet made up of snowdrops, snakehead fritillaries and tiger lilies, covers Kerry’s fresh..

Master The Major Oak - Vase

Master The Major Oak 3/8 Vase


This piece was designed exclusively for the RSPB..

Master Fairyland - Vase

Master Fairyland 7/3 Vase


Taken from Emma’s ‘Fairyland’ series, this design features bright red toadstools and euphorbia on a ..

Master Burslem Boys - Vase

Master Burslem Boys 393/7 Vase


Life was hard in 1920s Burslem. The men of ‘The Mother Town’ had only a few years earlier returned f..

Master Endeavour - Vase

Master Endeavour 192/7 Vase


HMS Endeavour, also known as HM Bark Endeavour, was a British Royal Navy research vessel that Lieute..

Master Thalia - Vase

Master Thalia 100/9 Vase


Narcissus Thalia is one of the few daffodils that open out into pure white. Once in bloom, it is ref..

Master Lest We Forget - Vase

Master Lest We Forget 101/18 Vase


Lest we Forget  prestige vase has been designed by Kerry Goodwin and is part of Moorcroft's 2017 Num..


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