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Day of Surprises

Director of Art, Elise Adams, had been selectively reserving special and unusual trials for the Day of Surprises.  The COVID-19 pandemic has meant this event has been cancelled, but all is not lost...each of the trials have been photographed and are now available on line.

There is only one example of each available.

Rose Ladies - Clock

Rose Ladies CL3 Clock


This duo of silent ladies are inspired by the motifs of such figures to be found at Mackintosh at th..

Alpine Buttercup - Clock

Alpine Buttercup CL1 Clock


An unusual plant from New Zealand, with white petals and a bright yellow centre, which Rachel has ca..

Oakney - Jug

Oakney JU3 Jug


Inspired by the Highlands of Scotland, Rachel has chosen the classic jug shape to depict a hint of p..

Willowtree - Lidded Box

Willowtree 243/4 Lidded Box


One of the motifs frequently found in Mackintosh at the Willow in Glasgow, is the willow tree. It ca..

Family on Ice - Model

Family on Ice model Model


Inspired by the design by Nicola Slaney, Rob has selected a mother penguin and her small chick to de..

Arctic Adventure - Model

Arctic Adventure Model Model


Inspired by the vase of the same name by Helen Dale which features a family of polar bears in the wi..

Pearl - Plaque

Pearl PLQ 6 Plaque


Hauntingly beautiful violet flowerheads bow above a Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterfly in this stai..

Hazel - Plaque

Hazel PLQ 6 Plaque


This tiny, hungry dormouse is found tucked away amongst the wild bramble bushes enjoying a feast of ..

Ullswater Cloud - Plaque

Ullswater Cloud PLQ 11 Plaque


The inspiration for the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" came from a walk Wordsworth took with hi..

The First Day of Christmas - Plaque

The First Day of Christmas PLQ 11 Plaque


This design style which evokes the sense of stained glass is a stylized partridge with feathers segm..

Salon - Tray

Salon 965 Tray


This small tray was inspired by a vertical panel designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in the Salon ..

Ullswater Cloud - Vase

Ullswater Cloud 80/9 Vase


The inspiration for the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" came from a walk Wordsworth took with hi..

House for Art Lover - Vase

House for Art Lover 18/16 Vase


House for an Art Lover has a fascinating history which defines the pioneering creativity of its desi..

3 Ships - Vase

3 Ships 99/8 Vase


'Three Ships' is a variety of snowdrop with greyish- green leaves and flowers produced in early wint..

Daffsnow - Vase

Daffsnow 72/6 Vase


A flurry of white snowdrops can be found tucked away amongst a trio of bright cheerful March daffodi..


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