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Snow Moon PLQ12 Plaque

Limited Edition

Another name for February’s full moon is ‘Snow Moon’, as February is the month when snow often covers the slumbering landscape. The full moon lights up snowy meadows, woodlands and river banks as snowdrop time reaches its peak, with the flowers first emerging from the hard, frosty soil the previous month.

Vicky’s plaque features the double snowdrop ‘Flore Pleno’, combined with classic snowdrops inspired by those she saw at Chatsworth stately home in Derbyshire. The snowdrops were set on an inclined border so Vicky set about creating a sense of perspective as if you are low to the ground with the plants, with the bare trees and Snow Moon above you. The nights may still be long and cold, but a hint of spring is in the air with the clever use of green and golds in the undergrowth, as the world slowly starts to awaken.

Ex Tax: £579.17
  • Designer: Vicky Lovatt
  • Dimensions: H 14.00 x W 34.00 x D 2.00 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width34.00cm
  • Product Height14.00cm
  • Product Depth2.00cm
  • Shape:PLQ12
  • Designer:Vicky Lovatt
  • Edition:Limited
  • Limited Edition Size:30
  • Collection:2022 Snowdrop Sensation
  • Design Window (Style):Broad Florals

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