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Snowdrops Revisited

The 2019 Snowdrop Collection celebrated the British native wild flower Galanthus nivalis, and in it, we saw Moorcroft designers at their very best, exercising their aptitude at enchanting floral designs. A year later, and the designs have been revisited to appear on new shapes. A rarity in its own right, but even more so when you discover each piece will be made in a limited edition of only 5!

Mrs Macnamara - Vase
Limited Edition

Mrs Macnamara 80/6 Vase


The ‘Mrs McNamara’ snowdrop puts on a fine show early in the New Year. It is a tall, upright plant w..

March Morning - Vase
Limited Edition

March Morning 7/7 Vase


A floral bouquet made up of snowdrops, snakehead fritillaries and tiger lilies, covers Kerry’s fresh..

Green Tear - Vase
Limited Edition

Green Tear 914/3 Vase


Green Tear, a superb and amazingly expensive new discovery, is one of the most strongly virescent an..

Forde Abbey - Vase
Limited Edition

Forde Abbey 23/4 Vase


Throughout February, Forde Abbey's 30 acres of award-winning gardens are carpeted ina spectacular di..

Soulful Cheer - Vase
Limited Edition

Soulful Cheer 55/2 Vase


The snowdrop attracts followers from all over the country and collectors far and wide, such is the a..

Brenda Troyle - Vase
Limited Edition

Brenda Troyle 7/5 Vase


‘Brenda Troyle’ is a well-proportioned white snowdrop with a green mark to the inner segments, and w..


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