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Snowdrop Sensations - new for 2022

Even the most ardent armchair gardener cannot help but yearn for direct contact with the outdoors come January and February. Enter the snowdrop. Most plants have to share their stage, but the snowdrop carpets the ground with throngs of its own kind.

The joy of being inspired by snowdrops increases year on year for Moorcroft designers. Watching the spread of their white blanket across the dark ground, is one of the most inspiring sights at the bleakest point in the gardening calendar. For 2022, we see a swathe of new snowdrop designs and innovative ways to portray them through ceramic design.

View our full range of snowdrop designs here

The Botanist - Vase The Botanist - Vase

Limited Edition

The Botanist

Iveskero - Vase Iveskero - Vase


Ophelia's Tears - Vase Ophelia's Tears - Vase

Numbered Edition

Ophelia's Tears

£395.00 £237.00
Snow Moon - Plaque Snow Moon - Plaque

Limited Edition

Snow Moon

Spring Delight - Vase Spring Delight - Vase

Numbered Edition

Spring Delight

£375.00 £225.00
The Timid Child - Vase The Timid Child - Vase

Numbered Edition

The Timid Child

Tiptoe - Vase Tiptoe - Vase