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Sign of the Times 3/5 Vase

Limited Edition

In April this year designer, Kerry Goodwin, celebrated her 20th anniversary at Moorcroft. Sadly, the occasion did not have all the pomp and circumstance that it thoroughly deserved, for the simple reason that only three weeks earlier, the Moorcroft factory had closed due to COVID-19.

Finally, Kerry was ‘unfurloughed,’ as they say, and able to return to The Works once more. When she did so, she met up with Moorcroft’s Director of Art, Elise Adams. Elise had a proposition for Kerry. Would Kerry like to choose one favourite piece as a Club members’ exclusive? Kerry was delighted and accepted. However, choosing just one design from a whole collection was no easy task.

Elise’s eyebrows raised a little in surprise when Kerry pointed to her chosen vase. Helpful as ever, Kerry led Elise through her thought process, explaining: “For months now we have all been stuck at home. Some of us enjoyed it to start with, but soon the novelty wore off. Most of us have been bored out of our minds and life has become scary, dangerous and worrying. What I felt we all needed was some fun, some laugher, some colour and some happiness. I might not have chosen this vase if you had asked me 6 months ago which to pick, but to me, my flower power vase is colourful, fun and it makes me smile”. How could Elise disagree?

And so, Sign of the Times is brought to Club members as an exclusive limited edition of 20 pieces – 1 for each year of Kerry’s anniversary. Psychedelic red daises with swirling yellow centres, grow alongside vibrant, large orange flowers, whilst neon-yellow nuts and purple and blue tulips add to the strange colour palette Kerry used. Mother Nature is totally forgotten and Kerry’s imaginary flowers are as quirky as she sees herself to be. Not content with the exotic flowers, Kerry has hidden a green hare in the undergrowth, while on the reverse side of the vase is a green tortoise! Never has the famous tale of the hare and tortoise ever taken a form like this before! Yes, the vase is unusual, but Kerry is right. These are strange times and the vase really does make you smile. All of us of a certain age will recall ‘flower power’ and its heyday in the 1960s. Some might even say “groovy baby”.

So why not join Kerry and allow yourself to reminisce on an age of peace and love. If ever we were to need such a time again, surely it is now? With the darkness of the past few months behind us, we can understand the dark background to Kerry’s imaginary flowers and creatures carrying strange colours springing to life on her vase, Kerry is right! We all need to bring colour into our lives. And as fun, laughter and happiness? Well, happily Sign of the Times brings you all three. Congratulations on your 20-year anniversary Kerry, and for bringing timely welcome fun and laughter to Moorcroft.

  • Designer: Kerry Goodwin
  • Dimensions: H 12.50 x W 10.00 x D 10.00 cm
  • Availability: Please allow up to 10 weeks for delivery


  • Product Width10.00cm
  • Product Height12.50cm
  • Product Depth10.00cm
  • Shape:3/5
  • Designer:Kerry Goodwin
  • Edition:Limited
  • Limited Edition Size:20
  • Design Window (Style):Fantasy

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