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RSPB Leighton Moss Collection

A collection of designs inspired by RSPB Leighton Moss - the largest reedbed in northwest England, home to important breeding birds and other wildlife. This diverse habitat along the shores of nearby Morecambe Bay provides a home for important breeding populations of bearded tits and bitterns. Its wildlife ponds support dragonflies, while the coastal saltmarsh lagoons attract large numbers of wading birds including oystercatchers. These creatures, together with brimstone and orange tip butterflies and wigeon ducks are celebrated in all their glory in this collection.

Oystercatchers - Vase
Limited Edition

Oystercatchers 216/8 Vase


Designer Vicky Lovatt’s choice of vase to show her oystercatchers to optimum advantage was beyond in..

Bearded Tits - Plaque
Limited Edition

Bearded Tits PLQ8 Plaque


The bearded tit - one of the UK's rarest breeding birds - has continued to bounce back from a popula..

Booming Bitterns - Vase
Limited Edition

Booming Bitterns 30/10 Vase


At RSPB Leighton Moss Nature Reserve, there are times when nothing can be seen or heard apart from t..

Dabbler Ducks - Vase
Limited Edition

Dabbler Ducks 198/5 Vase


By no means a common species of duck, the wigeon is more associated with Northern England and reserv..

Golden Darter - Vase
Limited Edition

Golden Darter 265/7 Vase


Rachel Bishop, Moorcroft’s Senior Designer, has always had a fascination for the living world of wat..

Milkmaids - Vase
Limited Edition

Milkmaids 104/6 Vase


Designer Vicky Lovatt’s orange tip butterflies are found hovering on Cardamine pratensis. This herba..

Purple Loosestrife - Vase
Limited Edition

Purple Loosestrife 84/12 Vase


Purple Loosestrife has flowers that are both elegant and beautiful and the wetlands occupied by the ..

Woody Nightshade - Vase
Limited Edition

Woody Nightshade 99/8 Vase


At RSPB Leighton Moss, a succession of marsh flowers including woody nightshade bloom along the rese..


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