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Rainbow Days

So what are Rainbow Days and what is good in them for those who hunt Moorcroft bargains online?

With the exception of each colours's Rainbow Day, throughout the entire week, a limited selection of best quality piecs actually in stock at the time of purchase, will be discounted by 25%.  However, each selected and available piece will eventually be included in its own 'Rainbow Day', at which time discoutns will leap to 40% for that day alone, provided that there still remain pieces in stock to buy.


Wednesday 13th June - designs featuring RED will be reduced by 40%

Thursday 14th June - designs featuring BLUE will be reduced by 40%

Friday 15th June - designs featuring BLACK will be reduced by 40%

Saturday 16th June - designs featuring PINK will be reduced by 40%

Sunday 17th June - designs featuring BROWN will be reduced by 40%


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