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Moonlit Bluebells 159/10 Vase

Limited Edition

“My design is a tribute both to the New Forest where I grew up, but also to my love of trees, in all their forms and colours. Trees have been a running theme from the dawn of Moorcroft’s early days with designs such as Eventide, Hazledene and Moonlit Blue known about the world. The New Forest is a constant inspiration to me and I used Moorcroft’s blue clay to pay homage to Moonlit Blue and to showcase the synergy between the old and new. It is wonderful to create new designs, while still championing our history and our heritage.” Rachel Bishop

Moorcroft’s Senior Designer is a designer after William Morris’s own heart, with her childhood upbringing in the New Forest reappearing time and time again in her designs to enthral and delight. Through Rachel’s sheer skill, ancient woodlands were brought to life long before the Moorcroft Design Studio was born, through designs like Holly Hatch and Vereley. In truth, Rachel is an Arts and Crafts heroine for the modern age. Moonlit Bluebells takes advantage of blue clay body, to create an ethereal experience of walking into a bluebells forest under moonlight, immersed in all that is beautiful. You can almost smell the heady fragrance hanging in the air and flinch at the cool, dappled silvery-light filtering through the vibrant green young leafed tree canopy overhead - it is something quite special after a long winter.

Ex Tax: £633.33
  • Designer: Rachel Bishop
  • Dimensions: H 25.00 x W 12.00 x D 12.00 cm
  • Availability: Sold Out, Please try an alternative Moorcroft stockist


  • Product Width12.00cm
  • Product Height25.00cm
  • Product Depth12.00cm
  • Shape:159/10
  • Designer:Rachel Bishop
  • Edition:Limited
  • Limited Edition Size:25
  • Design Window (Style):Broad Florals

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