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Mother's Day

Treat the lady in your life by showering her with gifts from our Mother’s Day design selection. Featuring a variety of treats to delight mums – choose from bouquets of floral designs, lamps to light up her day or show stopping pieces for her home - she’s bound to love them all. Plus receive a free of charge gift for your Mum – a miniature month of the year vase to celebrate your Mum if you order before 31st March 2019. Select the month vase of your choice, whether it be the month your Mum was born in, or another of your choice, and write which you would like to receive in the comments box when you place your order.  To view our Floral Months of the Year click here.

Bramble Revisited - Vase

Bramble Revisited 370/6 Vase


In 2013 designer Alicia Amison re-imagined Bramble Revisited as a clean, fresh pattern against an iv..

Rennie Rose - Vase

Rennie Rose 80/9 Vase


With the unity of sleek Glasgow style and the spirit of romanticism, architect and designer, Charles..

Bramble Revisited - Vase

Bramble Revisited 769/8 Vase


In 2013 designer Alicia Amison re-imagined Bramble Revisited as a clean, fresh pattern against an iv..

Black Barlow - Vase
Numbered Edition

Black Barlow 137/12 Vase


In recent years Vicky has devoted many hours to researching new subjects for her designs. This was e..

Chasuble - Lidded Box
Limited Edition

Chasuble 401/5 Lidded Box


Rachel has always appreciated the artistry behind fabrics and textiles from all cultures. After a vi..

Globe Thistle - Vase
Limited Edition

Globe Thistle 121/14 Vase


Globe thistle is a clump-forming flowery friend with upright, grey, woolly stems and spiny, grey-gre..

Helios Flame - Vase
Limited Edition

Helios Flame 189/8 Vase


Emma’s very first sunflower design for Moorcroft was inspired by the view from her desk at home- a v..

Stargazer Lily - Vase
Numbered Edition

Stargazer Lily 117/9 Vase


With phenomenal accuracy, Vicky captures every curve and twist of fully-blossoming Stargazer lilies ..

Woolly Blue Curls - Vase
Limited Edition

Woolly Blue Curls 72/9 Vase


It may sound more like a species of sheep rather than a plant, but this evergreen shrub gets its nam..

Bellahouston - Vase

Bellahouston 226/9 Vase


Inspired by the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Emma takes on his famous roses for a glorious ge..

Ooty - Vase
Limited Edition

Ooty 23/8 Vase


Whilst living in Madras, Lady Beatrix was a keen observer of gardening practices in all the places s..

Family Through Flowers - Lamp and Shade

Family Through Flowers L65/6 Lamp and Shade


The County flowers of Cheshire, Essex, Staffordshire and Worcestershire and the City flowers of Lond..

Peacock Flower - Planter
Limited Edition

Peacock Flower 530/6 Planter


Caesalpinia pulcherrima is a species of flowering plant in the pea family, Caesalpiniaceae native to..

Ferns and Foxgloves - Vase
Limited Edition

Ferns and Foxgloves 75/10 Vase


The foxglove is one of the most familiar of our wild flowers and certainly the most distinctive. It ..

Kingsborough Gardens - Vase
Numbered Edition

Kingsborough Gardens 102/7 Vase


Mackintosh championed the Art Nouveau design movement, and the stylised rose became one of his desig..


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