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Over many decades, Moorcroft has introduced design gems which show the meaning of love through a designer’s eyes.  It can be love within a family: love of the town in which you live: weddings or even simple colour like Ruby.  These designs are timeless and those available for Valentine’s Day 2017 are the only pieces still around for Moorcroft to sell – the last of their kind to find a good home

Designer: Emma Bossons FRSANEVER BEFORE - VASE: 80/6

£375 - Click here to view

Date of Introduction: 2012.

Marks: Trial 7.11.2011, Tubeliner: Caroline Hulme, Painter: Julie Dolan

A gentle, structured image from Emma showing a soft pink peony flower designed with lovers in mind.

Designer: Emma Bossons FRSACOPTHALL LANE - VASE: 7/5

£570 - Click here to view

Date of Introduction: 2009.

Marks: Trial 25.02.2009, Tubeliner: Gill Johnson, Painter: Sharon Austin

First launched in the historic, medieval market town of Thaxted, Copthall Lane was an instant success. Once an old fashioned lovers lane, it actually passed the famous Walnut Tree Meadow on its journey into the East Anglian countryside. Stylised red poppies are the hallmark image on Copthall Lane, whilst the tie between Thaxted and Moorcroft is still strong with no less than 3 special events planned for 2017 in the town. Two of these are in the Church where Gustav Holst composed the hymn “I vow to thee my country” and the other in the town’s 600 year old Guildhall.

Designer: Kerry GoodwinLA FAMILLE - VASE: 38/14

£583 - Click here to view

Date of Introduction: 2009.

Marks: Trial 30.01.2008, Tubeliner: Alison Edwards, Painter: Sharon Austin

A glorious design in the style of the great Scottish architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, with linework, colour and images all coming together to make something very special indeed. Love is often born within a family and Kerry’s masterpiece will touch us all. A tall, slender vase, La Famille tells us of love through the mind of a Moorcroft designer inspired by one of the great men of his age.

Designer: Emma Bossons FRSAALLEGRO FLAME - VASE: 372/8

£775 - Click here to view

Date of Introduction: 2004.

Marks: No 74, Signed Emma Bossons, Tubeliner: Heidi Simon, Painter: Bev Wilkes

Scarlet poppies are used to weave love into a structured design of great beauty. Allegro Flame is a favourite design of many Moorcroft enthusiasts. Designs of the calibre of Allegro Flame do not happen often in any part of the world of the Applied Arts.

Designer: Rachel BishopAFRICAN BRIDE - VASE: 80/12

£1,320 - Click here to view

Date of Introduction: 2007.

Marks: Trial 19.09.2006, Tubeliner: Gill Johnson, Painter: Sue Pointon

African Bride is a generous vase and follows the traditional Florian style initiated by William Moorcroft (founder of Moorcroft), in the early years of the last century. White flowers with red/orange stamens are framed, as are buds, in sweeping linework, which reaches to the rim of the vase itself. A classic of its kind.

Designer: Emma Bossons FRSAHIMALAYAN HONEYSUCKLE - VASE: 82/16

£2,360 - Click here to view

Date of Introduction: 2001.

Marks: Trial 11.04.2001, Tubeliner: Marie Penkethman, Painter: Emma Bossons

Said by many to have been one of the finest designs ever to carry the Moorcroft label, Himalayan Honeysuckle melds gravitas and beauty together in a way seldom achieved in ceramic art. Radiant purple, orange and white flecked with red flowers wind their way from the base to the rim of this remarkable vase, twisting and turning with delicate leaves and stems as they do so. However, it is the black ground colour which adds drama to a design already ranking among the best ever to emerge from Moorcroft.

Designer: Nicola SlaneySATIN FLOWER - VASE: 292/8

£865 - Click here to view

Date of Introduction: 2009.

Marks: Trial, Painter: Sue Barnsley

An elegant, twin-handled double gourd vase with a flared rim, Satin Flower, is a remarkable piece of work. Suggestive of weddings, it commands attention wherever it is placed. Nicola is essentially a designer who counts blue as her favourite colour, but Satin Flower is an exception to a general rule. If red is the colour of love, then Nicola has achieved her goal.


£945 - Click here to view

Date of Introduction: 2010.

Marks: Trial 22.04.2009, Tubeliner: Alison Neale, Painter: Paul Hilditch

Harbours, boats, flags and quayside cottages all combine to create one of the more unusual designs to emerge from Moorcroft in recent years. Nicola has three young daughters and her artwork must have been accompanied by a knowing smile. It is a joyous piece of work designed to make you smile as you recall the tune of the song “All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor”.

Designer: Beverley WilkesAVIGNON - VASE: 80/6

£793 - Click here to view

Date of Introduction: 2009.

Marks: Trial 25.06.2009, Tubeliner: Gill Johnson, Painter: Bev Wilkes

One of the Avignon vases, lives happily in a house not far from Avignon and its famous bridge. Avignon was always a Moorcroft vase to be tracked down, put in a prominent position in someone’s home and loved for what it is – fine ceramic art. The poppies are there, of course, as are the white houses and their terracotta pan-tiled rooves. You can recall the sound of the Pont d’Avignon song just by looking at a remarkable Moorcroft landscape. Avignon lives up to its name.

Designer: Rachel BishopRUBY - VASE: 80/9

£820 - Click here to view

Date of Introduction: 2012.

Marks: Trial 26.11.2005, Tubeliner: Marie Penkethman, Painter: Hayley Moore

Classic imagery from Senior Designer, Rachel Bishop, whose ingenuity in recreating familiar images with a new twist each time, is a hallmark feature of an experienced designer who understands her craft. Yes, you have red poppies once more, all of them embraced in loose structure of leaves and buds, but somehow the Ruby Red vase, take you on a short journey where light and darkness are a new dimension. A ‘must have’ vase.



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