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under the sea

As Moorcroft geared up for a weekend in Whitby in June, thoughts turned to the seaside and visions of aquatic life. We are delighted to release a small selection of marine-themed designs from decades gone by featuring fish, reeds, sea horses, crabs and octopuses. Only one of each piece is available, so don’t delay before these past designs swim away!

Designer: Sian LeeperShoal - Bowl: 711/6

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Date of Introduction: 2007.

Marks: Trial 28.9.2006, Tubeliner: Sandra Hartshorne, Painter: Sue Pointon

A golden shoal of swirling fish encircles this bowl which was part of a range in 2007. Tendrils from the fish fins have been delicately tubelined with green slip clay.

RRP: £550

Designer: Emma Bossons FRSAQuarry carp - vase: 198/3

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Date of Introduction: 2010.

Marks: Trial 14.4.10, Tubeliner: Alison Benson, Painter: Vicky Ford

A beautiful treasure by Emma made for James Macintyre & Co, Leeds. Taking inspiration from William Moorcroft’s Hesperian carp designs, Emma has put two carps amidst swirling waves on either side of the vase. Between the two carps are stylized shells all intricately tubelined on this diminutive shape. The interior is glazed cobalt blue.

RRP: £325

Designer: Vicky Lovattblue marlin - vase: 75/10

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Date of Introduction: 2012.

Marks: 1 of 40, Signed by Vicky Lovatt, Tubeliner: Janette Brammer (nee Sneyd), Painter: Kerri Hopkinson

The very first piece in a Limited Edition of 40, this design features the beautiful blue marlin, which like other billfish, can rapidly change colour - an effect created by pigment-containing light-reflecting skin cells.

RRP: £765

Designer: Philip Richardsonoctopus - vase: 2/7

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Date of Introduction: 2011.

Marks: 1 of 150, Signed by Philip Richardson, HM25 backstamp, Tubeliner: Vicky Thorley, Painter: Louise Edwards

The very first in a Limited Edition of 150, Philip and the highly-skilled painters at Moorcroft managed to achieve an unusual mottled effect in the body of the octopus which slides over seashells in the green water.

RRP: £595

Designer: Kerry Goodwinmoroccan myths - vase: 33/3

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Date of Introduction: 2007.

Marks: Trial 29.9.06, Tubeliner: Alison Benson, Painter: Wendy Mason

An addition to Kerry’s 2006 range ‘Moroccan Myths’, this crab design scurried along the following year. Humours and charming, this design is also an interesting exotic design.

RRP: £500

Designer: Kerry Goodwinthe catch - vase: 104/6

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Date of Introduction: 2008.

Marks: Trial 20.3.08, Tubeliner: Marie Penkethman, Painter: Hayley Moore

A wonderful blue-on-blue or ‘engobe’ design depicting the latest fresh catch at sea. Swirls, fins and scales glisten as if captured in water.

RRP: £230

Designer: Emma Bossons FRSAHOmeward bound - vase: 198/5

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Date of Introduction: 2012.

Marks: Trial 13.07.12, Tubeliner: Caroline Hulme, Painter: Vicky Ford

Part of a Limited Edition of 100 pieces, Homeward Bound was a piece within the 2012 ‘Number 19 Collection’ for the Moorcroft Club. This exciting design sings of movement and action as colourful boats are mauled upon the roaring waves of the sea.

RRP: £685

Designer: Nicola Slaneyall the nice girls love a sailor - ginger jar: 769/6

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Date of Introduction: 2010.

Marks: Trial 22.04.2009, Tubeliner: Alison Benson, Painter: Paul Hilditch

Harbours, boats, flags and quayside cottages all combine to create one of the more unusual designs to emerge from Moorcroft in recent years. It is a joyous piece of work designed to make you smile as you recall the tune of the song ‘All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor’.

RRP: £945

Designer: Nicola Slaneyfishing for dreams - vase: 121/10

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Date of Introduction: 2014.

Marks: Trial 9.12.13, Tubeliner: Alison Benson

This design was part of a Limited Edition of 50 for the ‘Three Williams Collection’ celebrating William Moorcroft, William Morris and William de Morgan.

RRP: £495

Designer: Philip GibsonLagoon - vase: 80/12

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Date of Introduction: 2006.

Marks: Designer Trial 4.10.05, Tubeliner: Alison Benson, Painter: Joanne Mountford

Lagoon was a range introduced in 2006 with fantastic imagery of waves, ripples and gliding fish, dotted with bubbles.

RRP: £1440



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