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Designer Helen Dale

Helen joined Moorcroft as a painter in 1999. Within two years she had harnessed the skill of both painting and tubelining onto raw clay and is now a duel-skilled tubeliner and painter, turning her hand to whichever skill is in demand each day. With a good understanding of Moorcroft’s unique decoration processes, including its world famous tubelining, or slip trailing, designing was inevitable for Helen. For seven years, Helen consistently and successfully entered her own pieces into the annual Open Weekend staff auction which takes place at the Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre each May. Most years she aims to submit three designs and their hammer prices often attain to the talent behind them.  

Helen’s recent designs have featured bright scarlet poinsettias and multi-coloured stockings hung out to be filled, giving a small insight into her Christmases spent at home spent with her two boys, Evan and William.  However, setting aside the joviality of Christmas time, it is the natural world around her that most inspires Helen.  Her sketch book is full of images of elephants, golden eagles, hedgehogs and otters, all coming to life leaping out of the pages that contain them. Helen’s most recent creation, The Gentle Fellow, a limited edition framed plaque, depicts a solitary hedgehog slowly making his way through a thicket of blackberries in an autumnal hedgerow, capturing the season of mellow fruitfulness in all its glory. 

the gentle fellow

courtship dance


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