Fiori Bottan Collection

A collection of 45 original watercolours on vellum from an album entitled ‘Fiori Bottan’ depicting cultivated plants including daffodils, anemones irises, tulips and lilies has this year inspired Moorcroft designer, Nicola Slaney. ‘Fiori Bottan’ dates from the seventeenth century and the album is Italian but the artist is unknown. It is also a mystery how the album and the original watercolours came to be in the RHS Lindley Collections but thanks to its careful preservation, the watercolours, and Moorcroft designs they have inspired, can be enjoyed by a new generation.


Italian Iris - Vase Italian Iris - Vase

Limited Edition

Italian Iris

£495.00 £222.75
The Potter's Garden - Vase The Potter's Garden - Vase

Limited Edition

The Potter's Garden

£525.00 £236.25
Turk's Cap Lily - Plaque Turk's Cap Lily - Plaque

Numbered Edition

Turk's Cap Lily

£245.00 £122.50