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Discontinued Christmas Designs

Sprouts for Christmas  - Bauble
Item Reduced

Sprouts for Christmas Bauble Bauble

£150.00 £120.00

Very much a Moorcroft ‘first’, Brussels sprouts emerge as a festive nudge to all those who enjoy the..

The Bottle Oven Legacy - Bauble
Item Reduced

The Bottle Oven Legacy Bauble Bauble

£185.00 £148.00

The Moorcroft bottle oven, long-since retired, is known with affection as “the old lady” by those wh..

Silent Watchman - Ginger Jar
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Silent Watchman 769/4 Ginger Jar

£285.00 £228.00

A patchwork blanket of snow muffles the gentle padding paws of a lone badger snuffling in the underg..

Brave Sir Robin - Lidded Box
Item Reduced

Brave Sir Robin 125/4 Lidded Box

£240.00 £192.00

The UK's favourite bird - with its bright red breast is familiar throughout the year and especially ..

The Nutcracker - Model
Item Reduced

The Nutcracker MOD Model

£205.00 £123.00


Arctic Adventurers - Model
Item Reduced

Arctic Adventurers Model Model

£162.00 £97.20

A mother polar bear and her cub are to be discovered emerging from a forest of pale green fir trees...

Happiness Tomorrow - Model
Item Reduced

Happiness Tomorrow Model Model

£195.00 £156.00

Bows and colourful wrapping paper hide the mysterious gifts that stir our imagination and dreams. Th..

Woodside Farm - Mug
Item Reduced

Woodside Farm MU2 Mug

£175.00 £140.00


Mince Pies - Mug
Item Reduced

Mince Pies MU2 Mug

£130.00 £104.00


Joy - Mug
Item Reduced

Joy MU2 Mug

£160.00 £96.00


Gingerbread Men - Mug
Item Reduced

Gingerbread Men MU2 Mug

£235.00 £188.00


Dancing Trees - Mug
Item Reduced

Dancing Trees MU2 Mug

£130.00 £104.00


Prancing Reindeer - Mug
Item Reduced

Prancing Reindeer MU2 Mug

£65.00 £52.00


Penguin Frieze - Plaque
Item Reduced

Penguin Frieze PLQ10 Plaque

£370.00 £296.00

A thought-inspiring design from a great Moorcroft designer.  Nicola Slaney introduces a famly of pen..

Under the Mistletoe - Vase
Item Reduced

Under the Mistletoe 55/2 Vase

£165.00 £132.00

A seasonal present designed to tell someone just how much you love them. A Christmas treat since tim..


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