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Designs of Rarity

Below you will discover a selection of Designs of Rarity, each one special and rare. Pieces will come and go, inevitably rarely available for long, so time is of the essence when you see a design that you desire, as it may disappear in Moorcroft’s historical archives before too long. Designs of Rarity will include designers’ trials, very small limited editions, original designers’ watercolours, flambé painted pieces recreating the red colour palette of yesteryear and unique connoisseurs’ pieces, in some cases with only one of each piece in existence.

New to the Moorcroft Designs of Rarity page are a selection of unusual creations from The Moorcroft Design Studio and guest designers, which were not quite ready in time for May Open Weekend. Happily these special pieces find their destiny as Designs of Rarity. Those that did not emerge from the kiln in time for Open Weekend are limited editions of 2 pieces marked according on the base. All other pieces are marked trial and dated and are unique pieces due to their linework or colourway.

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