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Designs of Rarity

Below you will discover a selection of Designs of Rarity, each one special and rare. Pieces will come and go, inevitably rarely available for long, so time is of the essence when you see a design that you desire, as it may disappear in Moorcroft’s historical archives before too long. Designs of Rarity will include designers’ trials, very small limited editions, original designers’ watercolours, flambé painted pieces recreating the red colour palette of yesteryear and unique connoisseurs’ pieces, in some cases with only one of each piece in existence.

Purple Emperor - Bowl

Purple Emperor 201/10 Bowl


This magnificent butterfly flies high in the tree-tops of well-wooded landscapes in central-southern..

Wayside Rambler - Mirror

Wayside Rambler Mirror Mirror


Typical of Rachel’s dreamy and romantic floral work, Wayside Rambler offers a vision of the last blo..

Clouds - Vase

Clouds 95/10 Vase


This design has been expertly sectioned by panels of a wrought-iron window frame, telling all the si..

Garden of Kent - Vase

Garden of Kent 121/14 Vase


Inspired by the historic, poetic and iconic Sissinghurst Castle, Vicky created this floral wonder, e..

Bursley - Vase

Bursley 64/20 Vase


‘In front, on a little hill in the vast valley, was spread out the Indian-red architecture of Bursle..

Japanese chintz - Vase

Japanese chintz 95/10 Vase


Originally from Congleton, a town once at the fore of English textile production, Emma has an eye fo..

Helenium - Vase

Helenium 121/10 Vase


Velvety, flame-coloured heleniums add a burst of warm colour to a late summer garden. Heleniums are ..

Fairyinkcap - Vase

Fairyinkcap 84/12 Vase


Fairy ink caps vary only slightly in colour, from a pale buff brown or clay grey-like colour. They a..

Riggendale Eagles - Vase

Riggendale Eagles 46/12 Vase


The golden eagle is one of the top predators in the Scottish countryside; it is an enormous bird of ..

Sailfish - Vase

Sailfish 46/12 Vase


These delightful underwater creatures are Sailfish, blue to grey in colour with white underbellies. ..


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