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Posted on - 4th January 2017
Countryfile Live Oxfordshire






This utterly-crisp interior art form was launched in ELLE decorations January 2017 edition as an independent entity from MOORCROFT complete with its own website for the modern interior. Brilliant white-coloured earthenware, with futuristic shapes inspired by geometric structures, allow attention to be directed at form when combined with contemporary and sophisticated surface design. Within the designconsort offerings are new design concepts and surface patterns, from a trio of vases Web, Weave and Wing, designed with angles to complement its sister shapes and interconnecting effortlessly, to a shoal of fish or vision of isosceles triangles that appear to change form to suit your chosen angles of the vase.


Just like Moorcroft, each piece of designconsort is made in Stoke-on-Trent, England, with the design outlined by the hand application of liquid clay, before being handpainted but for a more contemporary appeal, many pieces are also enhanced with delicate amounts of gold or silver lustre.



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