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A Decade of Dedication

10 years ago, on the 16th of July 2010, the Moorcroft Club acquired a new Club Administrator, in the form of Rachel Hayes. A decade on, and Rachel is very well known to many of you, both here in the UK and overseas. She is a font of knowledge, whom club members can rely upon, to help them whenever they have any Club queries.  It could be said, that Administration is Rachel’s middle name, as she is highly organised and efficient. If she is honest, she dreads anyone offering to “help” her, as this usually means disrupting her incredibly organised system, much to her chagrin. 

For many Club members, both here in the UK and overseas, Rachel has been a vital lifeline since the Moorcroft factory closed on the 23rd of March. And so arriving at this milestone anniversary, we thank Rachel for her 10 years of service to the Moorcroft club and its members, and what better way to do so than with a special exclusive Club design or two. 

To celebrate Rachel’s arrival in July ten years ago it seems only fitting that a flower found to be in full bloom during this month, should be chosen as a commemorative piece and so choosing senior designer, Rachel Bishop’s Jewel of July seemed the perfect choice.  

During her time at Moorcroft, Rachel has overseen the arrival of 10 exclusive club members renewal designs, the first being Lords of Leith Downs. Some years these have been small miniature vases, and other years a classic Moorcroft coaster.  Knowing that for many Club Members, collecting and displaying smaller pieces in their homes is always a popular choice, a second exclusive Club design comes in the form of Packmoor Pond.

I am sure many of you will join with me in saying a huge thank you to Rachel, our very own jewel of July, who works so tirelessly for Club members around the world. We hope she enjoys her next decade with Moorcroft, as much as she did the first.

Packmoor Pond - Tray

Packmoor Pond 780/4 Tray


In Packmoor Pond a solitary July waterlily blooms in shades of pink and purple, while boldly sitting..

Jewel of July - Vase
Limited Edition

Jewel of July 152-5 Vase


The waterlily is known to symbolise the month of July and reminds us of the simple joys of summer. N..


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