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Christmas - NEW for 2020

To view other Christmas designs still available from previous years click here 

Mistletoe - Bauble

Mistletoe Bauble Bauble



Bells - Bauble

Bells Bauble Bauble



Arctic Adventurer - Model

Arctic Adventurer Model Model


A mother polar bear and her cub are to be discovered emerging from a forest of pale green fir trees...

Happiness Tomorrow - Model

Happiness Tomorrow Model Model


Bows and colourful wrapping paper hide the mysterious gifts that stir our imagination and dreams. Th..

First Day of Christmas - Plaque
Limited Edition

First Day of Christmas PLQ11 Plaque


Since childhood, most people will have heard of the Twelve days of Christmas and many will have lear..

Flickering Hope - Vase
Limited Edition

Flickering Hope 355/5 Vase


A warm, flickering flame; light, hope and salvation. Nicola’s Christmas candles deliver what all of ..

Light of the World - Vase
Numbered Edition

Light of the World 99/8 Vase


Whatever the season, something truly great will occasionally emerge from Moorcroft and Light of the ..

Polar Bear - Vase
Limited Edition

Polar Bear 370/6 Vase


In these times of global warming, the thought of drops of snow falling at Christmas has become more ..

Coming Home - Vase
Limited Edition

Coming Home 159/10 Vase


A young Victorian courting couple meet on a fine snowy morning. The gentleman’s brown greyhound wait..

Queens Choice at Christmas - Vase
Members Only

Queens Choice at Christmas 7/7 Vase


One of Moorcroft’s best-loved designs puts on its Christmas decorations to celebrate anther year on ..


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