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Moorcroft and The Royal Horticultural Society

Moorcroft, an Arts and Crafts pottery, evolved from the ground-breaking 19th Century designs of William Moorcroft. William, whose own father, Thomas Moorcroft, was a botanical artist, is renowned for his Florian Ware, which, as the name suggests, was based around designs of British wild flowers like narcissi and cornflowers. Over a century later, Moorcroft has harnessed the vitality and beauty of the natural world into a hot house of ceramic design, collected and housed in museums worldwide. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is the world’s leading gardening charity, renowned across the world as an organisation at the forefront of horticultural science and research. It is also, not unlike Moorcroft, a key part of the UK’s distinguished horticultural heritage.

As a licensing partner, the RHS has allowed Moorcroft to access the RHS Lindley Collections of historical botanical artwork, as well as various horticultural treasures from the charity’s own gardens and horticulturalists, to push forward the frontiers of ceramic design and allow the tranquillity of the natural world to flood into the heart of the home. This is the true spirit of the Arts and Crafts movement. The collaboration has worked triumphantly, with collections arising each year that build of the success of past masters in both the horticultural and ceramic fields.

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All Moorcroft designs for the RHS hold the charity’s backstamp to show its official seal of approval.

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Moorcroft’s 2021 designs are inspired by a collection of original watercolours on vellum from an album entitled ‘Fiori Bottan’ depicting cultivated plants including daffodils, anemones irises, tulips and lilies. ‘Fiori Bottan’ dates from the 17th century. Sadly, the artist is unknown.

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Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre Launch of Fiori Bottan

There was a design exhibition of Fiori Bottan, which included original Moorcroft watercolours, drawn on vases and reproductions of the original vellums at the Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre on Wednesday 19th to Saturday 22nd May 2021 which many of our enthusiasts found highly interesting. Interestingly, the RHS have just entered the Collection into the B&LLA awards for best product as nominated by a retailer.

A Moorcroft stand displaying the RHS Fiori Bottan Collection will be at the RHS Flower Shows, the first of which is the RHS Malvern Spring Festival from the 5th May

The world’s greatest flower show, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, returns to its usual late Spring date on Tuesday 24th - Saturday 28th May. You can expect stunning garden designs, gorgeous floral displays and endless shopping, including Moorcroft. For further information and to book your tickets please visit

©RHS Credit: RHS/Neil Hepworth

To celebrate the opening of the RHS’ 5th and newest garden, RHS Garden Bridgewater in Salford, on the 18th May 2021, Moorcroft also created two new vases.

The Bridgewater Bounty and the Nerines editions quickly sold out. These were landmark designs with Nerines, holding the very best of Moorcroft glaze alchemy and form. The Nerine flower, is not a familiar flower to many Moorcroft connoisseurs, but the rich brilliance of each elegant petal was there to charm all those who set eyes on it. With a range of pure white to the almost Royal purple of the Krigei Nerine, designer Emma Bossons FRSA had a wealth of colour options to follow. This is a strong, joyous flower coming in all its beauty from the warmth of Southern Africa’s golden sun and the pleasant, red, sandy soil in which early Nerines once grew in the wild. The RHS Bridgewater Gardens holds an abundance of nerines in all their colourful grace to delight visitors for years to come. The site now famed for having over 90 different varieties of the cultivar – an astonishing botanical achievement.

With designs like Nerines, Moorcroft is so proud to be able to partner with the RHS to take our enthusiasts on a journey into the exotic through the vessel of the Applied Arts.


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