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Customer orders will be despatched from Tuesday 21st July onwards, though the Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre and offices remain closed until Monday 3rd August.

Chairman's Day

Although we sadly are unable to host our Chairman's Day event, we are pleased to offer a selection of past prestige designs, redrawn on to new shapes, as personally requested by Chairman, Hugh Edwards.

Each design comes as a limited edition of only 2.  However, due to our kilns falling silent on the 24th March, in some cases only one example is currently available.

Due to a kiln being fired last week some new pieces have emerged which we originally intended to launch at our Chairmans Day event earlier this month. These include one Hartgring vase by Emma Bossons FRSA together with one White Ladies vase by Nicola Slaney.

Due to the new Fishing for Tea vase having sold out already, we are also releasing the master of the original design so don't miss the opportunity to acquire this historic design.

White Ladies - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

White Ladies 85/20 Vase

£2,115.00 £1,057.50


Magic Wood - Vase
Item Reduced Limited Edition

Magic Wood 364/20 Vase

£2,875.00 £1,150.00

Vicky’s 2012 prestige catalogue design was divided into three windows of differing visions in ..

Parasol Dance - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

Parasol Dance 73/18 Vase

£3,935.00 £1,967.50

A clever design by Kerry Goodwin. Wild mushrooms grow to unrestricted heights in a rich, fertile lan..

Skomer Island - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

Skomer Island 7/15 Vase

£4,150.00 £2,075.00

The puffin's comical appearance is heightened by their red and black eye-markings and bright orange ..

Elishas Tears - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

Elishas Tears 95/20 Vase

£3,840.00 £1,920.00

When first created in 2001 Elisha’s Tears was something totally new, something colourful, elegant an..


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