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Chairman's Choice

On the 16th September 1986 Maureen and Hugh Edwards acquired Moorcroft, and now celebrate 34 years at the famous art pottery.

To commemorate the occasion Hugh has chosen some of his favourite pieces from our 2020 catalogue to share with you, each with a mouth-watering Chairman’s Choice price. Hugh has chosen a piece by each member of the Design Studio and our guest designers who support them. He has included some of his favourite florals, childhood holidays in Wales, winters in rural Worcestershire and even a RAF inspired piece that reminds him of his father. Each choice is personal, so enjoy our Chairman’s Choice.

Firebird - Vase
Limited Edition

Firebird 99/11 Vase


In second place in The RHS Chelsea Plant of The Year 2019 Awards is Digitalis × valinii ‘Firebird’, ..

Mediterranean Gulls - Vase
Limited Edition

Mediterranean Gulls 165/7 Vase


Mediterranean gulls are similar to the more-common black-headed gull, but they are larger with an al..

Cloud Dancer - Vase
Limited Edition

Cloud Dancer 80/9 Vase


The world of roses is a vast one and Rachel was soon enveloped in the colours, shapes, forms and sce..

Who Goes There - Plaque

Who Goes There PLQ11 Plaque


Anji’s fields are covered in snow: a winter sun spreads streaks of cold blue, amber and yellow acros..

Preparing to Scramble - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Preparing to Scramble PLQ1 Plaque


Designer Paul Hilditch chose to work with the Spitfire, probably the most famous and most respected ..

Skomer Island - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Skomer Island PLQ13 Plaque


Fresh from the success of her design for the annual Moorcroft May Open Weekend, wherein all members ..

Onyx - Vase
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Onyx 121/10 Vase

£595.00 £297.50

The saucer-shaped blooms of the Onyx hellebore hover over upright stems with their double, frilly bl..

Spring Ducklings - Vase
Numbered Edition

Spring Ducklings 102/5 Vase


Beautiful, comical little things, ducklings delight anybody who happens to stumble across a line of ..


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