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A Promise Fulfilled

To celebrate 20 years at Moorcroft, Director of Art, Elise Adams, has worked closely with the Moorcroft Design Studio and Guest Designers to revive a collection of iconic designs launched from 1997 to the present day. This project brings a wonderful new perspective, through an alternative colourway and shape, to designs which have themselves proved to be a benchmark in Moorcroft design history. Reminisce, marvel over and admire reworked favourite designs from our Director of Art, which we know will not linger for long.

Napier - Jug
Limited Edition

Napier JU3/12 Jug


Art Deco is a design style that began in Paris in the 1920’s and flourished internationally througho..

The Gentle Fellow - Lidded Box
Limited Edition

The Gentle Fellow 125/4 Lidded Box


Nuzzling into the undergrowth, a lone hedgehog sniffs out blackberries, enjoying some of the last fr..

Designers Collective - Plate
Limited Edition

Designers Collective 51/10 Plate


It comes as perfect timing that the Design Studio should reach its 20th birthday in the same year we..

Treedoves - Vase
Limited Edition

Treedoves 42/12 Vase


Emma drew her design in 2005 on the slender Moorcroft ewer, with several white doves lining themselv..

Woodside Farm - Vase
Limited Edition

Woodside Farm 23/11 Vase


In Woodside Farm, Anji made a huge effort to take the Moorcroft connoisseur into the wonder of her o..

Father And Son - Vase
Limited Edition

Father And Son 46/12 Vase


The South African bush is never silent, either by day or by night, but the repeated, bubbling hoots ..

Ella's Dream - Vase
Limited Edition

Ella's Dream 159/10 Vase


Ella’s Dream, from Nicola Slaney, offers unopened tulips set against bright muscari, all growing up ..

Town Of Flowers - Vase
Limited Edition

Town Of Flowers 393/10 Vase


Due to the popularity of the 2009 House of Flowers plaque, Kerry Goodwin was invited to create a pre..

Destiny - Vase
Limited Edition

Destiny 121/14 Vase


Watching feathered dandelion seeds blowing in the wind, Rachel was reminded of the destiny of every ..

Meknes Night - Vase
Limited Edition

Meknes Night 95/10 Vase


Just occasionally, Moorcroft will produce a new design which is different in both colour, texture an..


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