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Ashwood Collection

If there was one thing in life that a young John Massey MBE was wholeheartedly committed to, it was that if your objective was fulfilment, then you pursued that objective through to your last breath. More than 50 years ago, he wanted to buy some seeds of African Violets, but with no cash, he put himself to work to grow beans and earn the money that he needed. To help his son, his watchful father purchased a dilapidated nursery which evolved into Ashwood Nurseries, much loved and respected by all those who shop there. This spring a trio of Moorcroft designers turn their attention to the flowers that the nursery has become famous for, together creating The Ashwood Collection.

Auriculas - Vase Auriculas - Vase

Limited Edition


Pavonina - Plaque Pavonina - Plaque

Numbered Edition


Perfect Harmony - Vase Perfect Harmony - Vase

Limited Edition

Perfect Harmony

Cyclamen Repandum - Jug Cyclamen Repandum - Jug

Numbered Edition

Cyclamen Repandum

Heavenly Hepatica - Vase Heavenly Hepatica - Vase

Limited Edition

Heavenly Hepatica

Hepatica henryi - Vase Hepatica henryi - Vase

Numbered Edition

Hepatica henryi

Salvia Amistad - Vase Salvia Amistad - Vase

Limited Edition

Salvia Amistad