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RSPB The British Woodland Collection

A collection of handmade ceramics, designed exclusively for the RSPB to celebrate great British woodland- woodland that creates some of the richest habitats for thousands of living species including some of our most loved animals and plants.

Passionate about nature and dedicated to saving it, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is now the largest conservation charity in the country. Moorcroft has already worked closely with the charity for several years, to help it raise much-needed funds, highlight current issues and celebrate native species through ceramic art. This year, Moorcroft designers have been eager to focus their attention on the flora and fauna specific to woodland. Our woods and trees are home to more wildlife than any other landscape. Hedgerows, copses, woods, wood pasture and parkland, all have a unique character, biodiversity and ecosystem. Together they make up vital habitat links, connecting wildlife across the landscape and helping species to survive and thrive.

A Clouded Clearing - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

A Clouded Clearing 7/7 Vase

£495.00 £247.50

More commonly known for its medicinal properties, St John’s Wort often gets overlooked as a pretty l..

Ancient Woodland - Vase
Limited Edition

Ancient Woodland 101/14 Vase


Ancient woodland in Britain is particularly precious, supporting over 200 of our rarest and most thr..

Ferns and Foxgloves - Vase
Limited Edition

Ferns and Foxgloves 75/10 Vase


The foxglove is one of the most familiar of our wild flowers and certainly the most distinctive. It ..

Fox and Cubs - Lidden Box
Limited Edition

Fox and Cubs 401/5 Lidden Box


Every once in a while, designers at Moorcroft stumble across a species of plant or animal that captu..

Hazel Pot Beetle - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

Hazel Pot Beetle 55/2 Vase

£250.00 £125.00

Adult hazel pot beetles, although very rare, are almost always found on birch or hazel bushes, makin..

Nightjar - Plaque
Item Reduced Limited Edition

Nightjar PLQ 7 Plaque

£295.00 £147.50

Found in heathland, moorland and woodland with open clearings, the nightjar can be seen hunting for ..

The Clan - Bowl
Limited Edition

The Clan 711/6 Bowl


The Moorcroft designer brings a whole new approach to ceramic design. Each panel on the outside of t..

The Major Oak - Plaque
Limited Edition Item Reduced

The Major Oak PLQ2 Plaque

£560.00 £280.00

Sherwood Forest, a 450-acre country park and nature reserve, is home to a well-loved veteran oak tre..

The Major Oak - Vase
Limited Edition

The Major Oak 65/16 Vase


Expanding on her Major Oak design, which features the 800-year-old oak tree which resides in Sherwoo..

Willow Tits - Vase
Limited Edition

Willow Tits 3/5 Vase


With their sooty-black caps and scruffy bibs, willow tits really are endearing birds, but sadly find..


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