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Double Trouble 65/2 Vase


The delights of cat are manifold. Our furry friends get hungry, thirsty, sleepy, lively, curious – and sometimes they just want a tummy rub. Who can’t relate to all that? Then there’s their deep commitment to relaxation, which is both admirable and contagious. Happily, for Kerry, she is now ‘cat mum’ to two adorable Siamese kittens, Mr Pickles and Teddy Onions.

In time for National Cat Day on 29th October, we are delighted to see this addition to the extensive Moorcroft-cat-family featured on a design. With gorgeous sandy fur, which melts into a darker shade at the ears, and sky-blue eyes, these cats are set to be Moorcroft’s biggest heart-breakers.

Ex Tax: £75.83
  • Designer: Kerry Goodwin
  • Dimensions: H 5.00 x W 3.00 x D 3.00 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width3.00cm
  • Product Height5.00cm
  • Product Depth3.00cm
  • Shape:65/2
  • Designer:Kerry Goodwin
  • Edition:Open
  • Discontinued:Yes
  • Design Window (Style):Animals

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