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Dune Brittlestem 54/2 Vase


Dune brittlestem fungi, primarily grows on sand dunes near marram grass. The season of growth is generally May to November. It is variable in appearance, changing colour and shape during its lifespan. Initially bell-shaped and tan or pale brown, the cap gradually flattens and darkens, becoming dark brown as it ages.

Ex Tax: £130.83
  • Designer: Vicky Lovatt
  • Dimensions: H 5.00 x W 4.00 x D 4.00 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width4.00cm
  • Product Height5.00cm
  • Product Depth4.00cm
  • Shape:54/2
  • Designer:Vicky Lovatt
  • Edition:Open
  • Design Window (Style):Mushrooms & Toadstools

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