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Numbered Editions

The Willow Ladies - Jug
Numbered Edition

The Willow Ladies JU3 Jug


The 150th anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s birth was celebrated with a preview of the ten ..

The 1919 Works - Model

The 1919 Works Model Model


This year, the incredible up-draught pottery bottle oven, part of Moorcroft Works, turns 100 years o..

Jellyfish - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Jellyfish PLQ2 Plaque

£395.00 £197.50

Swirling bell-shaped West Coast sea nettles delight in this design as long tentacles and frilly mout..

Kaleidoscope of Colour - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Kaleidoscope of Colour PLQ3 Plaque


When Rachel set about creating a commemorative plaque to celebrate Moorcroft’s 1919 bottle oven’s ce..

Arts and Crafts - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Arts and Crafts PLQ13 Plaque


Rachel Bishop has been described as ‘a true disciple of William Morris’. There is no doubt that Rach..

Cranes on Parade - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Cranes on Parade PLQ2 Plaque

£465.00 £299.00

Cranes became extinct in the UK in the 1600s, but a small number started breeding again in Norfolk i..

From Dusk to Dawn - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

From Dusk to Dawn PLQ2 Plaque

£295.00 £147.50

Fascinated by the rhythmical flicker of Pied Wagtails squabbling in her garden, Emma took up her ske..

Fireworks - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Fireworks PLQ3 Plaque


The Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ ('Mdb001') took third place in The RHS Chelsea Plant of The Year 2019 Awa..

Kokonoe - Tray
Numbered Edition

Kokonoe 780/4 Tray


There were a couple of clematis in the shortlist for The RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year 2019 Awards. ..

Sand Lizard - Tray
Numbered Edition

Sand Lizard 780/4 Tray


The acidic sandy soil on the restored heathland at RSPB Farnham Heath in Surrey is the perfect habit..

Skomer Island - Vase
Numbered Edition

Skomer Island 73/18 Vase


The puffin's comical appearance is heightened by their red and black eye-markings and bright orange ..

Brean Down - Vase
Numbered Edition

Brean Down 87/6 Vase


Kerry’s thoughts were in another part of Britain, on Brean Down in Somerset. The southern slopes of ..

Floral Heaven - Vase
Numbered Edition

Floral Heaven 65/16 Vase


Nature never stands still. Not for a moment. You could follow the path of the sunshine through the s..

The Colours of Nature - Vase
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

The Colours of Nature 65/16 Vase

£3,835.00 £1,917.50

All lichen-covered twigs and velvety buds, rhododendrons bloom mainly in spring and when they do, th..

Heddewigii - Vase
Numbered Edition

Heddewigii 125/4 Vase


Outstandingly eye-catching, the heavily frilled blackcurrant and pink blossom tinged petals of Diant..


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