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Limited Editions

Bejewelled - Globe
Limited Edition

Bejewelled 192/7 Globe


Emma aimed to create a new twist on a classic fruit, the pomegranate, which was first used by Willia..

Night Herons - Jug
Limited Edition

Night Herons JU4 Jug


Night herons are secretive, nocturnal birds that are rarely seen in the UK. But in 2017, one pair su..

Lemon Sorbet - Jug
Limited Edition

Lemon Sorbet JU7 Jug


Streptocarpus ‘Lemon Sorbet’ was a strong contender for a place in the top three in The RHS Chelsea ..

Sea Campion - Plaque
Limited Edition

Sea Campion PLQ2 Plaque


Through the window of an old iron gate’s lattice work, sea campions with reddish-pink globular calyx..

Enchantment - Plaque
Limited Edition

Enchantment PLQ8 Plaque


It is often said that one should be as shrewd as snakes, and innocent as doves. In true De Morgan st..

Cloud Dancer - Vase
Limited Edition

Cloud Dancer 80/9 Vase


The world of roses is a vast one and Rachel was soon enveloped in the colours, shapes, forms and sce..

Orange Tip - Vase
Limited Edition

Orange Tip 72/9 Vase


Butterflies provide one of the most exquisite visual experiences to be found in the countryside, and..

Almond Flower - Vase
Limited Edition

Almond Flower 75/10 Vase


Much like bees to a flower, the eye is drawn to soft-pink and white almond blossom at the epicentre ..

People Watching - Vase
Limited Edition

People Watching 164/9 Vase


Nestled cosily between Chelsea and Putney, this London bar holds the sleepy side of the hustle and b..

Fire Lily - Vase
Limited Edition

Fire Lily 93/8 Vase


A classic structured lily design which showcases a Moorcroft painters’ skill, as each tiny dot on th..

Woodland - Vase
Limited Edition

Woodland 266/8 Vase


A brand-new bell-shaped vase, haloed with a square neck is the canvas for a contemporary woodland de..

Houndstooth - Vase
Limited Edition

Houndstooth 9/9 Vase


A tessellation of abstract houndstooth checks are wrapped around Emma’s oval-shaped vase. Gradually ..

Apollo 11  - Vase
Limited Edition

Apollo 11 GLBS Vase


Apollo 11 launched from Cape Kennedy on July 16, 1969, carrying Commander Neil Armstrong, Command Mo..

Gatekeeper Butterfly - Vase
Limited Edition

Gatekeeper Butterfly 393/7 Vase


Vicky’s choice was a striking Gatekeeper butterfly with his orange body tipped with brown edges and ..

Enchantment - Vase
Limited Edition

Enchantment 393/7 Vase


It is often said that one should be as shrewd as snakes, and innocent as doves. In true De Morgan st..


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