Woodland Story MOD36 Model


Taken from Nicola’s 2018 design, Woodland Story, we are delighted to see the return of the mouse and the rabbit settling down for a story told by a friendly fox. All three animals wear their warmest knitted scarves upon a snowy log, for what promises to be a most enchanting bedtime story. This model offers a pinch of that Christmas magic and imagination, felt by children every year, when anything and everything seems possible.

Was: £268.00
Ex Tax: £178.67
  • Dimensions: H 7.00 x W 6.00 x D 2.50 cm
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Product Width6.00cm
  • Product Height7.00cm
  • Product Depth2.50cm
  • Shape:MOD36
  • Designer:Robert Tabbenor
  • Edition:Open
  • Discontinued:Yes
  • Design Window (Style):Animals

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