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The Art of Ornithology RSPB Collection

It may not always feel like it, but ours is a very small world. It only takes a brief reflection of a swallow’s epic migration or the journey of winter visitors such as redwings, bramblings, Bewick’s and whooper swans to see that we share this small world with thousands of awe-inspiring bird species, many of which are in decline. In order to work towards a brighter future for our feathered friends, conservationists such as the RSPB aim tirelessly to monitor and assist the species which are in desperate need of help.

Moorcroft’s relationship with the RSPB grows year on year and we continue to stride forward with the charity bringing a wealth of naturalistic designs inspired by their ground-breaking work, in order to raise essential funds to them. This year, Moorcroft designers turn their attention to birds which have captured their imagination of late and together, have brought us The Art of Ornithology.

King of the fishers - Plaque
Numbered Edition Item Reduced

King of the fishers PLQ11 Plaque

£280.00 £140.00

The kingfisher is usually glimpsed as a sudden flash of electric blue, darting over water before div..

The Wanderer - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

The Wanderer 98/5 Vase

£310.00 £155.00

It was the flickering of a stonechat which led W H Auden to write his 1930 poem, The Wanderer. ‘Or l..

Woodcock Nest - Vase
Limited Edition Item Reduced

Woodcock Nest 7/7 Vase

£710.00 £355.00

Woodcocks are waders, thickset, long-billed, and superbly camouflaged. On the woodland floor, where ..


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