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A Peal of Bells

Early May sees the arrival of swathes of bluebells in our native woodlands, and colourful carpets of these prolific flowers can also be discovered under hedgerows and in shady areas of our gardens. This year, Moorcroft‘s designers are celebrating the arrival of the bluebell, not only with blue, but also the more unusual purple and white varieties of this popular flower. Each is a small limited edition, with great appeal.


A Cloud of Bells - Vase A Cloud of Bells - Vase

Limited Edition

A Cloud of Bells

Albino  - Ginger Jar Albino  - Ginger Jar

Limited Edition


£465.00 £372.00
Renishaw Hall - Vase Renishaw Hall - Vase

Numbered Edition

Renishaw Hall

£295.00 £177.00
Grasmere Bluebells - Vase Grasmere Bluebells - Vase

Numbered Edition

Grasmere Bluebells

Roydon Woods - Vase Roydon Woods - Vase

Limited Edition

Roydon Woods