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All Hallows Eve Collection

All Hallows' Eve falls on 31st October each year, and is the day before All Hallows' Day, also known as All Saints' Day in the Christian calendar. The name derives from the Old English 'hallowed' meaning holy or sanctified and is now usually contracted to the more familiar word Hallowe'en. It is widely accepted that Hallowe'en absorbed and adopted the Celtic new year festival, the eve and day of Samhain.

This year’s All Hallows Eve Collection stirs our imaginings as the physical and supernatural collide - carved pumpkins, black cats sojourning under a full moon and owls watching the heavens in awe, will raise a smile. Yet there is something more – a design that quite literally steps into Gothic design at the highest echelons of what is possible. In short, one Moorcroft designer has done to ceramics what Alfred Hitchcock did to film.

The Moon Watchers - Ginger Jar The Moon Watchers - Ginger Jar

The Moon Watchers

Confrere - Vase Confrere - Vase


The Steps - Vase The Steps - Vase

Numbered Edition

The Steps

Pumpkin Spooktacular - Vase Pumpkin Spooktacular - Vase

Limited Edition

Pumpkin Spooktacular

Samhain - Plaque Samhain - Plaque


Samhain - Vase Samhain - Vase