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The Art of Adversity

None of us at Moorcroft would have known how our fine art pottery would change this year. Nor could we imagine that the world as we knew it would also change, so quickly and so dramatically. When the UK’s Prime Minister instructed every one of us to stay at home in ‘lockdown’, in the way that most of us would understand, though our designers were not working, they were still turning over new images in their minds. Little did they know that those thoughts would translate into the first new design collection to emerge from Moorcroft in almost six months. The Art of Adversity Collection features an array of designs, each with its own unique and symbolic meaning. Some champion hope, renewal, resilience, or rebirth, but all are created to showcase the fact that Moorcroft will overcome adversity in whatever form it takes. Our fate and fortune over the past six months may have been determined by the global pandemic, but in times of adversity, friends will always show their colours. This is very much the case with this collection, as our designers show the world that design and colour will always triumph in times of trouble. They look forward to sharing these special designs with you, our all our friends around the world.

Kismet - Vase Kismet - Vase

Numbered Edition


Rainbow Magic - Plaque Rainbow Magic - Plaque

Rainbow Magic