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Heritage Visitor Centre Exclusives

Nightingale Lullaby - Plaque

Nightingale Lullaby PLQ2 Plaque


Designed by Rachael Bishop c.2013 Nightingale Lullaby was inspired by William De Morgan 1839-1917 an..

Minerva - Plaque

Minerva PLQ6 Plaque


Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, though it is noted that the Romans di..

Nivalis - Plaque

Nivalis PLQ5 Plaque


From Rachel’s ‘Reflections of a Decade’ collection over ten years ago, Nivalis was her favourite des..

Peggys Farm - Plaque

Peggys Farm PLQ8 Plaque


It has been almost a decade since Emma brought us Peggy’s House, a design which she described hersel..

Summers Gate - Vase
Limited Edition

Summers Gate 80/6 Vase


This is not the first time that the beautiful Lily of the Valley has graced a Moorcroft vase and nei..

The Splash - Vase
Limited Edition

The Splash 3/5 Vase


Was it a plop or was it a splash? Splashes come from fish: plops from frogs. Confusing. The pale pin..

Alpine Retreat - Vase

Alpine Retreat 365/15 Vase


The height of Paul’s chosen vase is perfect for the enormous evergreen trees soaring into a cold win..

Mr Coal the Christmas Cat - Plaque

Mr Coal the Christmas Cat PLQ14 Plaque


Throughout the year Mr Coal, as stealthy as they come, can pass unnoticed between the hedges and out..

Snow Angels - Vase

Snow Angels 3/5 Vase


Creating an angel by lying on fresh snow and flapping your arms and legs in the ground is truly a ri..

Spring Ducklings - Vase
Numbered Edition

Spring Ducklings 102/5 Vase



Walnut Tree Meadow - Jug

Walnut Tree Meadow JU7 Jug


Designed by Rachel Bishop the jug features a lovely design depicting butterflies and insects visitin..

Snowfairy - Jug

Snowfairy JU7 Jug


A delightful jug with delicate tubeling depicting snowdrops against a Winter's night...

MC Heritage Visitor Centre - Model

MC Heritage Visitor Centre Model Model



White Rose - Vase

White Rose 55/2 Vase



Red Rose - Vase

Red Rose 55/2 Vase




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