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Heritage Visitor Centre Exclusives

Cat Nap (Black) - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cat Nap (Black) PLQ3 Plaque


The plaque shows a contented black and white cat curled-up amongst flowers and foliage. Considerable..

Cat Nap (Tabby) - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cat Nap (Tabby) PLQ3 Plaque


The plaque shows a striped tabby cat standing amongst flowers and foliage. A numbered edition with a..

The Triumph of Nature - Vase
Limited Edition

The Triumph of Nature plq23 Vase


Sleeping poppy seeds can lie dormant below the earth’s surface for as many as 400 years, simply wait..

Flambe Lest We Forget - Vase

Flambe Lest We Forget 72/20 Vase



Summers Gate - Vase
Limited Edition

Summers Gate 80/6 Vase


This is not the first time that the beautiful Lily of the Valley has graced a Moorcroft vase and nei..

All Hallows Eve - Vase

All Hallows Eve 102/3 Vase


Over 2000 years ago, a Celtic festival held around the beginning of November marked the end of summe..

Royal Prince - Vase
Numbered Edition

Royal Prince 33/3 Vase


A Royal baby is very-special. Moorcroft designer, Nicola Slaney, has done us all proud with her deli..

Alpine Retreat - Vase
Numbered Edition

Alpine Retreat 365/15 Vase


The height of Paul’s chosen vase is perfect for the enormous evergreen trees soaring into a cold win..

Mr Coal the Christmas Cat - Plaque

Mr Coal the Christmas Cat PLQ14 Plaque


Throughout the year Mr Coal, as stealthy as they come, can pass unnoticed between the hedges and out..

Snow Angels - Vase

Snow Angels 3/5 Vase


Creating an angel by lying on fresh snow and flapping your arms and legs in the ground is truly a ri..

Walnut Tree Meadow - Jug

Walnut Tree Meadow JU7 Jug


Designed by Rachel Bishop the jug features a lovely design depicting butterflies and insects visitin..

MC Heritage Visitor Centre - Model

MC Heritage Visitor Centre Model Model



White Rose - Vase

White Rose 55/2 Vase



Red Rose - Vase

Red Rose 55/2 Vase




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