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Heritage Visitor Centre Exclusives

Cat Nap (Tabby) - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cat Nap (Tabby) PLQ3 Plaque


The plaque shows a striped tabby cat standing amongst flowers and foliage. A numbered edition with a..

Cat Nap (Black) - Plaque
Numbered Edition

Cat Nap (Black) PLQ3 Plaque


The plaque shows a contented black and white cat curled-up amongst flowers and foliage. Considerable..

Chelsea's Choice - Vase

Chelsea's Choice 46/7 Vase


On the inaugural use of a brand-new vase shape, Moorcroft designer, Nicola Slaney, launches Chelsea’..

Folly Mill Bridge - Vase
Limited Edition

Folly Mill Bridge 35/5/ Vase


The River Chelmer flows through the sleepy town of Thaxted. As it gently meanders across the country..

Spaghetti Trees - Vase

Spaghetti Trees 93/8 Vase


On April Fool’s Day in 1957, the BBC news show, Panorama, announced a ‘bumper spaghetti crop in Swit..

Alpine Retreat - Vase
Numbered Edition

Alpine Retreat 365/15 Vase


The height of Paul’s chosen vase is perfect for the enormous evergreen trees soaring into a cold win..

Walnut Tree Meadow - Jug

Walnut Tree Meadow JU7 Jug


Designed by Rachel Bishop the jug features a lovely design depicting butterflies and insects visitin..

MC Heritage Visitor Centre - Model

MC Heritage Visitor Centre Model Model



White Rose - Vase

White Rose 55/2 Vase



Red Rose - Vase

Red Rose 55/2 Vase



Winter Yield - Vase

Winter Yield 23/4 Vase




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