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Designer Emma Bossons FRSA has been hard at work creating a diminutive collection of miniature vases, each featuring seasonal flowers, one for each month of the year.  Each month a new Miniature of the Month will be launched, so that, during the year, you can build up your own miniature collection of seasonal florals.

Take a sneak peek at the full collection of miniature designs before their formal launch - click to watch short video 

January - Winter Hope 

Her inaugural piece is Winter Hope, in which white snowdrops lift their heads through a morning frost bringing cheer to an ice-cold winter’s day. 


Winter Hope 46/2, RRP £182 

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February - Welcome Arrival

Her second piece is Welcome Arrival. With spring just around the corner, richly-coloured crocus scatter their joy across lawns and meadows and can be found tucked away under garden hedges, as they prepare to herald the welcome arrival of warmth in the cold air of winter. 

Welcome Arrival 576/2, RRP £152 

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March - A Carpet of Colour

Her third piece is Carpet of Colour. Wood Anemones add excitement and colour to an early spring stroll through ancient woodland, where they will have nudged their way upwards though old leaves to form a carpet of colour.



Carpet of Colour 98/2, RRP £135 

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Her fourth piece is A Rarity Returns. Still rare, but making a brave comeback, wild Snakeshead Fritillaries display their speckled purple flower heads for early walkers in water meadows, still soft with gentle Spring rain, seeking out and enjoying their unique beauty and bowed heads. 

A Rarity Returns 23/2, RRP £157 

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Her fifth piece is Bluebell Song. If bluebells could sing, springtime in forests, woods and copses would be a cacophony of sound. The floor would be swathed in carpets of blue as these trumpet-shaped flower heads sway in the wind rustling through the ancient trees above their woodland home.

Bluebell Song 92/2, RRP £115 

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Her sixth piece is End of the Day. An unforgettable sight, if you are luck to come across one, is a field of summer poppies at dusk. Crimson flowerheads merge seamlessly into the scarlet rays of the setting sun, at the end of another long and bright day. These fields in shades of green, gold and red have inspired both poetry and fine art for centuries. 

End of the Day 3/2, RRP £165 

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Her seventh piece is Wild Strawberry. In a sheltered position in any garden, with warm and fertile soil to enjoy, wild strawberries grow in abundance as they reach out to anchor their runners and produce white blossom and sweet red fruit. This delicious fruit is a sure sign that summer has arrived, with long hazy days for us all to savour. 

Wild Strawberry 49/2, RRP £182 

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Her eighth piece is A Summer’s Sky. Wild cornflowers grow in profusion in a hillside meadow. They are a picture of colour, outstripping even the scarlet poppies in their race to the sky. These cornflowers, are the resting place for hardworking bumble bees as they toil under a hot summer’s August sky. 

A Summer's Sky 65/2, RRP £145 

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Her ninth piece is Field Forage. Summer is fading. Birds noisily scour the dry, brown fields in search of food and at the field’s edge that borders the neighbouring woodland, wild mushrooms can be found. 

Field Forage 10/2, RRP £151 

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Her tenth piece is Champion. The horse chestnut always generates more memories than other trees. Poets enthuse about ‘the spreading chestnut tree’, children play conkers and compete with squirrels gathering the shiny brown nuts forever searching for the ‘winner’ or a quantity worthy of a champion’s store. 

Champion 869/2, RRP £143 

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Her eleventh piece is Cyclamen Show. Hardy cyclamen light up any garden with their showy mounds of foliage and heart shaped leaves that appear in autumn and last through until late spring. By November the colourful blooms have appeared and bring some welcome cheer. 

Cyclamen Show 158/2, RRP £114 

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Her twelfth piece is Winter’s Kiss. Synonymous with love since time began, mistletoe has been part of our lives for as long as many of us can remember. The pointed leaves, white berries and that welcome, lingering kiss under a sprig of mistletoe to savour for all time.

Winter's Kiss 769/2, RRP £183 

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