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Waterlily Gleam - Number 1 11/9 Vase

Limited Edition

In 1811 Wordsworth and his wife, Mary, took their children Catherine and Thomas to Bootle on the Cumbrian coast. Wordsworth described the high-spirited journey in a poem for his friend Sir George Beaumont. The journey was enchanting, with the sky, mountains, trees and cottages of the Lake District all mirrored in the still depths of the lakes.

Ah, Beaumont! when an opening in the road
Stopped me at once by charm of what it showed,
The encircling region vividly expressed
Within the mirror’s depth, a world at rest –
Sky streaked with purple, grove and craggy bield,
And the smooth green of many a pendent field,
And, quieted and smoothed, a torrent small,
A little daring would-be waterfall,
One chimney smoking and its azure wreath,
Associate all in the calm pool beneath,
And here and there a faint imperfect gleam
Of water-lilies veiled in misty steam –
What wonder at this hour of stillness deep,
A shadowy link ‘tween wakefulness and sleep,
When nature’s self, amid such blending, seems
To render visible her own soft dreams.” – Epistle, Miscellaneous Poems I

Rachel Bishop too has been captivated by the charm of the waterlily and on this rare Moorcroft waisted shaped vase, has successfully woven a band of them in full bloom around the shoulders of the vase. The golden centres illuminate the pink and white petals to perfection, while far beneath the waters edge, the waterlily stems roam deeply in the tranquil waters of silent lake.

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  • Shape:11/9
  • Designer:Rachel Bishop BA (Hons)
  • Edition:Limited
  • Limited Edition Size:15

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