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Numbered Editions

The May Queen - Vase
Numbered Edition

The May Queen 101/18 Vase


There can be no mistaking the style of The May Queen, with its elegant, feminine linework and a mute..

Black Barlow - Vase
Numbered Edition

Black Barlow 137/12 Vase


In recent years Vicky has devoted many hours to researching new subjects for her designs. This was e..

Derwent Reservoir - Vase
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Derwent Reservoir 62/17 Vase

£4,075.00 £2,852.50

Derwent Reservoir is pictured with the 617 Squadron practising low-level flights needed for Operatio..

From Dusk to Dawn - Bowl
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

From Dusk to Dawn 246/11 Bowl

£325.00 £227.50

Fascinated by the rhythmical flicker of Pied Wagtails squabbling in her garden, Emma took up her ske..

Glasgow School of Art - Vase
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Glasgow School of Art 64/20 Vase

£2,880.00 £1,440.00

Anyone with just the slightest interest in Moorcroft, will know that the work of Mackintosh has play..

Grasmere Bluebells - Vase
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Grasmere Bluebells 3/5 Vase

£450.00 £225.00

Spring emerges from its battle with winter in the Lake District to rise victorious in a royal carpet..

Group of Seven - Vase
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Group of Seven 73/18 Vase

£3,845.00 £1,922.50

Collecting Moorcroft takes you on a journey of discovery. Not only do you come to possess a piece of..

Hera's Beauty - Vase
Numbered Edition

Hera's Beauty 84/12 Vase


Always the eternal symbol of peace and tranquillity, the pure calla lily consists of a rigid and ver..

King of the fishers - Plaque
Numbered Edition

King of the fishers PLQ11 Plaque


The kingfisher is usually glimpsed as a sudden flash of electric blue, darting over water before div..

Lochinver - Vase
Numbered Edition

Lochinver 117/7 Vase


As a frequent holiday-maker to the north west of Scotland, Vicky captures more happy memories in cla..

Preparing to Scramble - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Preparing to Scramble PLQ1 Plaque

£1,120.00 £784.00

Designer Paul Hilditch chose to work with the Spitfire, probably the most famous and most respected ..

Skomer Island - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Skomer Island PLQ13 Plaque

£785.00 £392.50

Fresh from the success of her design for the annual Moorcroft May Open Weekend, wherein all members ..

Swing By - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

Swing By PLQ11 Plaque

£280.00 £196.00

Swallows have an evolutionarily body shape and have adapted to hunting insects on the wing by develo..

The Gathering - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

The Gathering PLQ13 Plaque

£700.00 £490.00

Disappear into the world of the Canada goose, as the pearl-grey underparts of their elongated bodies..

The Return - Plaque
Item Reduced Numbered Edition

The Return PLQ 23 Plaque

£1,120.00 £784.00

The much admired and respected Lancaster, (also called Avro Lancaster,) was the most successful Brit..


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