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12 Days of Christmas

Kerry Goodwin’s brilliant Twelve Days of Christmas collection was always going to be a very special design. The cumulative English folk song was the source of inspiration for an enterprising Kerry and inevitably a plethora of collective Christmas icons stepped forth from the glistening confines of fine art pottery.

Sometimes there can be no better way to express Christmas excitement than to burst into song. It is quite a strange phenomenon that we should ritually repeat these jingles to ourselves in aid of the festive atmosphere year after year. Nonetheless, Moorcroft relishes yuletide cheer, and quite unlike other companies, the Works are closed for the whole of Christmas right through to the New Year so that both staff and our Club Members can spend time with loved ones and relax. That is not to say that we are denied the flurry of activity and excitement in the build-up to Christmas. Indeed, Christmas day is often the climax to weeks of cumulative excitement. A song that certainly reflects this is the Twelve Days of Christmas. This cumulative and familiar English folk song was the source of inspiration for an enterprising Kerry Goodwin.

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12 Days of Christmas - Plate

12 Days of Christmas 785/10 Plate


For those who find themselves torn between the pieces of the magical and captivating folktale brough..

1 Partridge in a Pear Tree - Vase

1 Partridge in a Pear Tree 03/4 Vase


It is quite likely, as a ground bird, that a partridge would not stray to a pear tree! Instead, duri..

2 Turtle Doves - Vase

2 Turtle Doves 198/3 Vase


Turtle doves, with their gentle, purring voices, have long been emblems of devoted love. With blushe..

3 French Hens - Vase

3 French Hens 7/3 Vase


Contented plump hens take pride of place in this never-ending folktale and, not surprisingly, so the..

4 Calling Birds - Vase

4 Calling Birds 55/3 Vase



5 Gold Rings - Vase

5 Gold Rings 62/4 Vase


It would be lovely if your true love did give you five gold rings for Christmas. For now, we delight..

6 Geese Laying - Vase

6 Geese Laying 35/3 Vase


Stretching their snowy-white plumage, Kerry..

7 Swans Swimming - Vase

7 Swans Swimming 2/4 Vase


Canopied by a row of twinkling fairy lights, seven gracious Royal swans glide through icy winter wat..

8 Maids Milking - Vase

8 Maids Milking 102/3 Vase


Dressed in the pretty regalia of a Georgian milkmaid, these eight busy women juggle their pales of m..

9 Ladies Dancing - Vase

9 Ladies Dancing M1/3 Vase


Adding a touch of elegance and grace to the slowly-increasing assortment, these magical ladies float..

10 Lords Leaping - Vase

10 Lords Leaping 41/4 Vase



11 Pipers Piping - Vase

11 Pipers Piping 146/3 Vase


Exulting from the very bottom of their lungs are the lively pipers as they raise their instruments h..

12 Drummers Drumming - Vase

12 Drummers Drumming 117/5 Vase




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