Design: Woodside Farm
Designer: Anji Davenport
In 2000 Angela Davenport’s Woodside Farm was launched with great hope. For the first time, a countryside range designed with the innate emotions of a farmer’s daughter, Angela Davenport, captured the very spirit of winter. Two foxes lit up the snow-clad fields like candles in darkness, darting towards an open gate that leads the eye towards a farm and a church nestled into the side of an ancient wood. This rustic walk has historical precedent. William Moorcroft’s own emotive ranges of Eventide and Hazledene, allowed the mind to wander into wooded glens at dawn and dusk through clever use of colour and design. And so it was with Woodside Farm, and the range quickly became a firm favourite amongst Moorcroft Collectors, achieving unprecedented rates on the secondary market when the design was eventually discontinued at the end of 2003. A decade on, Angela returns with a prestige offering to excite the senses. Woodside Farm has now grown, more farm buildings have been erected and a vicarage now supports the church. This time the foxes have a new friend, and a barn owl oversees the quiet rumblings of a Massey Ferguson tractor. Sheep and cows quietly go about their business under a setting sun, and the walker can enjoy his wanderings amongst the sharpened colours of the tubelining. In the morning, the glistening white snow may no longer hark to this romantic rural idyll. For now, all can bask in the wonderful colours and imagery on this prestige vase.
The pieces shown in this picture are listed below.:
Design Shape Description

Prestige Item. 20 inches in height. Collectors Guide to Price: £3,225
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