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Each piece featured is a limited edition, and marked accordingly on the base. You will find that the piece has a specific number indicating the edition size and the number of the piece within that edition. Additional appeal comes from the fact that each piece also carries the designersí signature fired underglaze, as well an informative array of Moorcroft markings. Only the stated number of pieces will be made. For this reason, limited editions are highly sought after, so much so that limited editions are often sold out within days of being launched. A Moorcroft limited edition really is a case of an early bird capturing the worm!

To purchase and learn more about the Moorcroft limited edition designs currently available, please click on the image of your chosen piece.

Click Here to View Detail Golden Prow
Designer: Kerry Goodwin
Golden Prow

Click Here to View Detail Lakeside
Designer: Kerry Goodwin

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