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Design: Homage to the Female Form
Designer: Kerry Goodwin
Homage to the Female Form: The erotic nature of many Art Nouveau works of art is one of the most prevalent features of the style. Nowhere is it more abundantly seen than in small-scale sculptured or moulded objects in the style of the decorative arts. Ink-wells, carafes, centrepieces, candelabra, lamps and figurines were all objects disseminated widely at the time and which could be brought into any middle-class household as a visual mark of progressive living. Homage to the Female Form depicts two identical women unveiled across their torsos in wild abandonment. They are alone, posing among woodland animals and birds, yet discretely covered by stylised flowers and leaves, the two of them partially hidden among flowing streams and whispering trees under a canopy of an amber sun.
The pieces available in this range are listed below:
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